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Move Your Body - Change Your Mind
I'm Kim, the BEHAVIOR TRAINER who wants to change your life!

I am a Board Certified Coach (BCC) and Personal Trainer. I lost 110 lbs. over eight years ago and with each pound gone, my life was transformed.  I've been there and can help you.

Recently, I've had the amazing fortune of being included in the JOY FIT CLUB BOOK and was invited back to the TODAY show as a follow up segment.


Watch my induction into the JOY FIT CLUB as featured on the TODAY show.


Answer these questions to determine how READY you are to make a change.  The more 'YES's' the more ready you are.


1. Feel defeated because what you've tried in the past hasn't worked?

2. Lose/gain the same pounds year after year?

3. Feel alone in your efforts?

4. Eat unconsciously or emotionally?

5. Believe that losing/maintaining a healthy weight is for "other people"?

6. Think your weight dictates how you feel about yourself?

7.  See that certain foods your eating are sabotaging your weight loss?

8.  Avoid mirrors for fear of facing your reflection?

9.  Hide from daily life and fun activities because of your weight?

10. Believe that you could maintain a healthy weight if you took a different approach and had help?

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