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As a former client of Kim's I am living proof that Kim's plan works!  After tireless efforts of months at the gym working my butt off with little to show, the few 8 weeks that I spent with Kim, the weight/body fat just melted loss due to Kim's lifestyle change is 40+ lbs. and still losing!!! Not only am I eating more, eating right, but I have more energy and..."weight" for it...under Kim;s direction I work out LESS, yes, I said less, eat more and work out less...and the plan she designed is completely mold-able into any lifestyle to make permanent change, not a diet, a permanent change without cravings.




I have lost almost 10lbs since I began working with Kim.  Because of Kim I have learned so many new things.  Kim is the first person to actually give me a menu that I could follow.  I do not have to count calories, only understand portion size.  I write down everything that I eat and that keeps me in tow.  Kim’s great sense of understanding how every day is a "food" challenge, is also a first for me.  I know how hard Kim works at keeping her weight down, so she is the best role model for me.  Thanks for the warm and tender support. 





I had such a positive experience working with Kim. Not only was she extremely professional she also shared parts of her journey and related it to my situation. The accountability factor was key in showing me that in order to make changes there has to be a give and take. I was able to lose almost 10 pounds working with Kim and it was great to learn what and how to eat. Though my problem weight was a minor part of my addiction I was able to talk freely about what the real reason I was not losing weight. She knew all along but waited to discuss until I was ready. In any addiction it starts with baby steps and I know that I will get to where I need to be. I thank you Kim for your kind support and confidence in me to be able to succeed if I just want it that badly.




Kim has been my confidant in both fitness training and nutrition. She gives real advice and strategies for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the real world, when we don't always have time to prepare meals or devote hours to the gym. Kim not only assisted in my weight loss but pushed me to make and complete fitness goals that have made working out really fun. With her help, I have completed several charity bike rides, runs, and an indoor triathlon. She has given me life-long lessons to maintain a healthy lifestyle that I am sincerely grateful for!





I am very happy to recommend Kim DiMondo, as a nutrition coach.  As a person, Kim has a very warm personality.  She is very enthusiastic about my training, goals and fitness.  Kim has been my “cheerleader”.  She often pushes me and encourages me to work outside of my comfort zone.  She has helped me set realistic goals and take small steps toward my success.  With Kim’s help, I lost 8 pounds.  I had fun with the program and learned to eat more healthfully.  Kim is a role model.  I have enjoyed seeing her on the Today Show.  Her weight loss and success encourages me with mine.




Kim helped me put together a workable plan to lose weight and increase my endurance the very first time we met. I respond well to goal-setting and she encouraged me to find realistic ones that created a sense of short-term accomplishment and increased self-discipline. I was immediately getting the sleep I needed, carving out time for daily exercise, eating more healthily, and feeling in control again.

I needed to lose weight due to my cholesterol level and slightly elevated blood pressure and to begin training for a half-marathon. I was also approaching a very stressful three-month thesis writing challenge and I needed to have a plan. I not only lost 20 pounds in the first 4 months but kept it off during the subsequent 90 straight days of 15 hour writing sessions. Kim helped me craft a routine that gave me energy, focus, and positive thinking to hit my deadline.  I finished the thesis without gaining back a pound and was in the best shape of the last 5 years for my graduation! At age 57 that was something I had not hoped for before training with Kim.  I admire the way she approached me as someone who could make changes, be personally accountable for my choices, figure out stumbling blocks and overcome them, and take charge of the quality of my life. Kim is the most effective trainer I have ever had. She has first-hand experience about weight-loss and practical approaches to handle the emotional components that must be addressed for successful outcomes. And I am stronger and slimmer proof!




Losing weight involves multiple factors: physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual.  Once these elements are united in new healthy directions, the foundations for permanent health are established. Most weight loss professionals are expert at one or possibly two of these factors.  Kim has the intellect, experience, training, and grounding to aid in all these areas individually as well as the crossovers among and between them.   In any given session, Kim can address: calories, exercise, accountability, the ethics of self gratification, and the mental tapes that inhibit healthy choices.  By addressing her clients' needs on all these levels simultaneously, Kim helps the client begin to glimpse the new horizon that is long term health.  Kim's own struggle, successes and challenges make her less of a preacher in reaching that horizon, than a friend who is further along that path.  Kim is the real deal. 






Kim is such a nurturing and supportive coach.  Her keen ability to listen and ask those thought provoking questions has allowed me to think differently about my body image and the way I approach weight loss.  In working with her I no longer feel anxious or stressed about my weight loss and realize that this is my process and the sooner I accept it, the sooner I will stop resisting it!  I have never felt judged or pushed in a certain direction, she’s always encouraged me to blaze my own path.  Kim kept me focused and acknowledged all the small changes I would’ve missed along the way. I realize this is no quick fix and my journey will be more like a marathon, than a sprint.   I have lost more than 10 lbs during the time we have worked together…but more importantly I gained the ability to trust myself and to be kind to myself.  I could never thank her enough!



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