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My Philosophy

The purpose of my life is to be a messenger.  I’m here to deliver the belief that a fulfilling quality of life awaits those who want it and are willing to work for it.  Therefore, my philosophy is move a muscle, change a thought and the life you thought was only a dream will become a reality.   

My Story

For the past eight years I’ve maintained a 100+lbs. weight loss and live in a normal sized body. But most importantly, I have a healthy mind and spirit that have truly given me a life I love. 

As a child, a burn trauma led me to seek security, comfort and love in food, which began my 25 year battle with obesity. 

From childhood into adulthood, I was on a perpetual archeological dig, hunting for a treasure map to a thin body.   Seeking out easy solutions, I tried diets that started on Mondays & Sundays.  I ate foods that were low calorie, low carb, no carb, and tasted like cardboard.  I exercised, took diet pills, went to diet doctors, and starved myself.  But still my A+ efforts failed. 

It was no coincidence that the rest of my life was also unmanageable.  I was unhappy in corporate America, but had no idea what career would suit me, and no self esteem to find out.  Instead, I was an overachiever who disguised my pain with a cheery smile and uber-friendly personality.  I dressed myself well (from the waist up) and avoided my reflection at all costs. I did however use a compact mirror to admire my thin ears and fat-free blue eyes.  The irony…I was so big, yet felt so invisible at the same time.

Then in April of 2003, I gave up!  And that’s when the answer appeared.
I finally realized that I couldn’t lose the weight because food was a symptom, it wasn’t the problem.  It was my mind and spirit that was the issue – my body was a casualty. 

Once I was willing to accept that I ate over what was eating me, I found freedom.  How did I do it?  I took action!  I got honest and faced my real demons (the reasons why I ate).  I let go of my failed diets and put together a food plan that was tailored to my wants/needs.  I worked on an exercise plan that was fun and fit into my lifestyle.  Then for the 1st time in my life, I saw real results.  Not just in my weight loss (that was a fringe benefit), but in how I truly felt about myself from the inside-out. 

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My Credentials

Throughout most of my life, in one capacity or another, I’ve always been a coach.  Helping others and truly gaining an understanding of why people do what they do—and don’t do what they don’t do—has always been important to me.

Center for Credentialing & Education
, Board Certified Coach (BCC)
Life Purpose Institute, Certified Life & Career Coach
International Sports Sciences Association, Certified Fitness Trainer


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