Kim DiMondo
T: 914-843-0718


MOVE YOUR BODY, MOVE YOUR MIND Coaching is a proven step-by-step approach to changing the behaviors that have prevented you from living the most fulfilling life-physically, mentally and spiritually.

Unlike diets, MOVE YOUR BODY, MOVE YOUR MIND sets you up for success not failure. Mainly because the program is designed around your needs and lifestyle.

What can you expect…Besides RESULTS?

  • Customized and personalized plan to meet the needs of each individual.  
  • Weekly goal setting and accountability 
  •  Strategies to reverse sabotaging habits 
  •  A confidential environment
  •  Inspiration and motivation
  •  A partner who knows your struggle and can help you through it


  • Individual, one-on-one coaching – Specializing in weight loss, body image, and self-esteem. Since the food is only a symptom, we also address other life issues as well.
  • Personal Coaching Parties – A fun way to develop personal goals in a group setting and receive support from your friends
  • Workshops – Designed to provide participants with useful tools to achieve life changes in a motivational and interactive environment.

I’m able to coach anywhere in the United States.  Of course this means via phone unless you live within a reasonable distance from Stamford, CT. 

If you're intrigued by the coaching services I offer, please contact me to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute consultationThis will give allow you to sample my coaching style and we can discuss a plan that's right for you.

How do we begin?
I send you an initial assessment form to complete which is designed to help you focus on what you want to achieve through coaching and to help me understand how best to work with you. Typically we spend the first coaching session discussing the assessment and deciding what to focus on in our next session.

Not sure if you're ready yet?  Take a short quiz.


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